Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and sends you down a path that you didn't plan for.  When that happens, you have to decide how to proceed.  Will you take the challenge and make the best of it or feel sorry for yourself and fall apart?  I have tried my best to make the most of my challenges.  I'm not perfect, but I have learned so many lessons from having a special needs child.  At my lowest moments, when I don't think I can handle one more thing, his sweet smile, infectious laugh or kiss on the top of my head, reminds me to count my blessings.  May you enjoy getting to know "Terrific Tanner" as much as we enjoy having him in our family. 
My hope is that this book will do several things.  First, I hope that it will help bring awareness to the challenges and trials that families with special needs children face day to day.  It's not easy and no one asked for what they were given.  We're all just doing our best under our current circumstances.  Second, I hope that families with special needs kids will see that they are not alone.  Every situation is different but understand that many families are facing similar challenges.  Lastly, I hope that those with special needs children can celebrate that you are blessed to have this child in your home.  I truly believe that God places these children in homes for our benefit.  The lessons and blessing you receive from these children will far outweigh any challenges you will face.  We all have days and times that we feel overwhelmed but in the big picture it's minimal compared to the lessons they teach us.  It is my prayer that families will find renewed strength, hope and love as they care for these special children. 

Fall is a magical time for Tanner for many reasons but his favorite thing about fall is harvest.


Terrific Tanner reminds everyone that life is precious and to do the best you can with the challenges you face. Not everything about Tanner is terrific but with all the many things he's had to endure, Tanner still finds a way to bring a smile to everyone's face with his funny sense of humor and his sweet personality. That makes my Tanner TERRIFIC!!!

Tanner did it!! He graduated high school. He is looking forward to working in the orchard this fall and spending time in a harvester at Uncle Walt’s rice ranch. Life is good and we are blessed to be in a new chapter of life!!

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